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Property Tax Increase Relief for Low Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities


Program Details

Eligible applicants may apply in writing to the Municipality of Meaford for relief of their current year property taxes. Applications are due to the Municipality of Meaford no later than December 31st of the current tax year. Relief is provided for only the amount in which the applicants property taxes have increased from the previous year to the current year, with a maximum relief of $500.00.

The Property Tax Relief program is an application that needs to be submitted to the Municipality of Meaford annually. It is the responsibility of the property owner to complete the application and provide up to date supporting documentation.


Property Tax relief may be provided if the applicant, or spouse of the applicant is;

  • A low-income senior (65+)
  • A low-income person with disabilities and;
  • The subject property is the applicant’s principal residence.
  • Applicant, or spouse, is the assessed owner of the subject property.
  • Applicant, or spouse’s, property taxes have increase from one year to the next
  • Supporting Documentation is presented to Municipal staff to establish eligibility and is submitted no more than 60 days after making the application is made.

Supporting Documentation

An application for the Property Tax Relief program is only complete if one of the following documents is provided to the Municipality of Meaford:

  • Guarenteed Income Supplement
  • ODSP
  • Ontario Works
  • Any other documentation that would confirm information within the application

A driver’s license or property bill is required in order to confirm principal address and will need to be presented at the time of application submission.

The Municipality of Meaford has the right to request additional information if required in order to assist in determining eligibility.

Submitting the Property Tax Relief application, along with the listed supporting documentation does not automatically qualify the applicant for this program. The Municipality of Meaford will review the submission and determine whether the circumstances meet the appropriate criteria.


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