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Pre-Authorized Payment and Equal Payment Plans

Never miss a bill or pay late fees by signing up for our Pre-Authorized or Equal Payment Plans for your water/wastewater bills!


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

We will automatically deduct the payment directly from your bank account each due date. Your water bill will be processed and sent to you via paper or e-bill before each due date indicating the amount due. This method of payment will ensure no late charges and your bill is paid if you are away.

Equal Payment Plan

A fixed monthly amount based on the previous consumption at your residence. The fixed amount is deducted from your bank account on the 1st or 15th (your choice) of the month. Your monthly water bill is still sent to you showing the balance of your account. The program ends with the October payment, then all the accounts are reviewed, and if necessary adjusted. Should a payment be required to bring your account to a zero balance it will be automatically deducted from your account. If we owe you, we will credit your account. Your account will need to be at a zero (0) balance to start the program.

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