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Main Street Meaford Mailing List


Downtown Meaford is more than an economic engine, it is also a place in our hearts and minds and is part of our community's identity.

What are we doing? The Municipality of Meaford is launching a citizen-led non-profit "Main Street" organization to support downtown revitalization. Local citizens, businesses and supporters working in collaboration will make this a success.

What is Main Street? Main Street is a framework for locally-owned, locally-driven prosperity. It is a time-tested approach established by the National Trust for Canada and National Trust for Historic Preservation (USA).

What is next? We'll be hosting in-person events at the public library and Meaford Hall, as well as online information for people to find out more about this exciting project. The Municipality will advertise these in all the usual places and ways.

If you are interested in receiving more information about Main Street Meaford, or in volunteering within the project, please fill out this survey. 

Information is being collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, being used solely to send information about Main Street Meaford. For questions relating to this, please contact Rob Voigt, Director of Development Services. Email or call 519-538-1060 extension 1145. 

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The Main Street Meaford Transformation Strategy will focus on 4 pillars: 

1. Economic Vitality

Economic vitality strengthens the existing economic assets while diversifying the economic base of the Main Street district to support and improve profitability. The goal is to build a strong commercial district that creates a supportive environment for small businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers.

2. Design

Design capitalizes on and enhances the visual aspects of a Main Street district to create a safe, appealing and inviting atmosphere for people to shop and spend time. The physical elements such as the storefronts and building architecture, streetscape, public art, street furniture, parking areas, and public spaces are used to convey a positive image for the downtown.

3. Promotion

Effective promotion creates a positive image of the Main Street district to instill community pride and encourage commercial activity and investment in the area. Promotions can be used to communicate the unique characteristics of a Main Street district to spark interest in shopping, dining, living or investing in the community.

4. Organization

A successful Main Street organization builds consensus between the many vested stakeholders throughout a Main Street district to ensure everyone is mobilized and working toward a shared vision for the future of the district. Organizational structure can take many forms depending on community capacity.

Please select the Main Street pillars that you are interested in.
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